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Demand objectivity, expect innovation.

Solving a problem is one thing, but bringing the solution to its full potential requires that people truly want to use it and that it's implemented in a way that incentivizes them to initially engage. It's a big job that requires a broad set of expertise to get it right the first time.

So no matter where you are in the journey, or even if you're not sure, we can help. We know that the notion of turning your expertise and wisdom into a thriving product is a daunting one. So let us help you. Together, let's become dauntless.


Two Ravens believes in keeping humans—including their experiences and perceptions—at the core of any solution we move forward with. In doing so, we've placed Design Thinking at the core of our problem-solving process. We begin by working with a subject-matter expert to understand the specific problem they see in their world. Next, we utilize principles of behavioral science and knowledge of end-users to ensure the entire team understands the human that the problem drives. Then, we collaborate and ideate to produce new, interesting, fun, and crazy ideas that just might be able to solve the problem. After narrowing the ideas down to only the best and most viable, we work to prototype them as quickly as possible. With a prototype available, we put it in front of humans to test and evaluate the prototype's efficacy. We learn from the test, and then we start the process over again.

The result is a fast, approachable, and collaborative process that leads to solving difficult problems in unique and meaningful ways.




What is really needed?

Dive deep to uncover the fundamental issues that drive needs.


Why is it important to humans?

Discard assumptions and put yourself in other people's shoes.


How do we improve lives?

Pull from diverse backgrounds to generate innovative ideas.


What do we do right now?

Create the smallest thing that can prove (or disprove) your ideas.


Did it work?

Use what you've built to validate it as a solution to your needs.


Do you need to go beyond problem solving into the rarified realm of building innovative solutions or organizations?

Two Ravens was assembled as a team with the expertise and experience to consult on this exact process. Every situation is unique, but we have spent decades developing approaches that consistently deliver results. We created an Innovation Roadmap that allows you and your organization to get on track and stay there. From consultative, full-day conferences, to in-depth technical analysis, no matter where you are on the map, or even if you’re not sure, we can help. Contact us for a free consultation to get started.


Do you have valleys you need crossed? Are you worried that you have gaps you're unaware of? Want to know more about our process? Let us help!

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