one step,
a thousand

Effort is common. Wisdom is scarce.

Good organizations solve difficult problems every day. Over time, they often find that they get so good at solving the urgent, day-to-day problems that solutions to the most important, long-term problems may prove elusive.

An external, objective viewpoint and set of expertise is always helpful, but when applied intentionally to these elusive problems, it can serve as a catalyst towards powerful innovations.

Two Ravens was created to empower organizations to better understand the problems and opportunities ahead of them, and to help them quickly develop solutions that they can bring to the world. We do this by providing research and development-based innovation services that blend expertise in behavioral science, marketing, technology, and operations.

Our goal is simple: Give great ideas the best possible chance to grow up to become exceptional experiences.

Research & Development

In today’s world innovation simply isn’t optional. You either seek it out, or your competition does, and then changing markets force it upon you. Two Ravens provides services that function as a ready-made innovation catalyst, creating momentum and consensus in organizations who are serious about defining their own future.

Venture Design

Two Ravens is passionate about helping startups succeed. Our experienced team makes for a super-powered co-founder or high-level executive suite in a box for the most promising startups around. From inception to scale we know how to overcome the most daunting hurdles startups face.

Business Model Transformation

Organizations who have spent years being good at something may realize that while they’ve gotten very good at the thing they do, the market has evolved to value something different. In these cases companies often find that they lack the objective perspectives or experience to have confidence in long-term planning decisions. Two Ravens helps organizations see problems and opportunities objectively, bridging the gap between what made an organizational successful, and what will position it for future success.


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