one step,
a thousand

Effort is common. Wisdom is scarce.

Effective organizations solve difficult problems every day. Over time, they often find that they get so good at solving the urgent, day-to-day problems that solutions to the most important, long-term challenges may prove elusive.

An external, objective viewpoint and set of expertise is always helpful, but when applied intentionally to these elusive problems, they can serve as a powerful catalyst for impactful innovations.

Two Ravens was created to empower organizations to better understand the problems and opportunities ahead of them, and to help them quickly develop solutions that they can bring to the world. We do this by providing research and development-based innovation services that blend expertise in behavioral science, marketing, technology, and operations.

Our goal is simple: Give great ideas the best possible chance to grow up to become exceptional experiences.

Inspiration Workshop

Ready to get started? So are we! Our Inspiration Workshops integrate some of our most experienced innovators with your top experts to form a team ready to effect positive change. We know that in order to create anything meaningful, everyone has to first agree on the problem to be solved. Far more than a mere introduction, this workshop is designed to dig deep to provide an ideal foundation for completing the full innovation lifecycle.

At the end of the session your team will have a high-level overview of your problems, what they are competing with for priority, and an understanding of how to begin moving forward on the most important initiatives.

Outsourced Innovation

Got a wicked problem you need solved? In today’s world innovation simply isn’t optional. You either seek it out, or your competition does, and then changing markets force it upon you. Two Ravens serves as a ready-made innovation catalyst. As an extension of your innovation team, we utilize our Research & Development process to increase confidence and deliver Minimum Viable Experiences that increase adoption and lead to faster, more successful innovations.

Insourced Innovation

Are you looking to build a culture of innovation? Today’s most successful organizations must provide the people closest to the problem with the confidence to begin the solutioning process. Otherwise potential innovators get lost in the mix, and problems grow in the absence of innovative thinking.

Two Ravens provides docent-led problem solving journeys designed to educate your team in Design Thinking while working toward solving an actual problem facing your organization. These multi-session programs provide hands-on problem solving, training, and between-session assignments to further the solution. By the end of the process you’ll have an in-house team of solution-focused innovators that will be able to tackle your important problems with a higher level of confidence.

Venture Design

Two Ravens is passionate about introducing new ideas to the world. We partner with investors to raise confidence in their favorite startups, and we work with startups at each stage to help them clear the most daunting hurdles they face. From serving as a super-powered co-founder, to acting as an engaged executive suite or an experienced board, we love helping turn great ideas into successful businesses.


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