The next step is always the most important.

All organizations want to innovate, but very few feel as if they do. The biggest innovations, the ones that an organization is uniquely equipped to bring into the world, remain just out of reach. Hidden beneath lists of urgent initiatives and daily disruptions, the best ideas remain undone, right up until someone else disrupts the market by doing them. The "We should have done that!" moment passes, and everyone returns to their daily routine until the next disruption grabs headlines.

The best organizations break this pattern. Innovation isn’t a happy coincidence, it’s a culture. Cultures aren’t accidental, they take years to build. Two Ravens provides a shortcut to organizations serious about becoming more innovative.

Our team was purpose-built to serve as a catalyst for the important initiatives that too often remain undone. From single-day sessions to full partnerships, we provide an external, objective viewpoint that communicates across traditional silos and drives consensus. Together we uncover the unique innovations your organization can bring to the world and see them happen as soon as possible.

Inspiration Workshop

Ready to get started? So are we! Our Inspiration Workshops are full-day sessions that assemble your top experts with our team for the first time. Far more than a mere introduction, this workshop is designed to provide an ideal starting point for a full Research & Development relationship.

At the end of the session your team will have a high-level overview of your best ideas, what they are competing with for priority, and an understanding of how to begin forward motion on the most important initiatives.

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Needs Assessment

With an Inspiration Workshop completed we begin the work of increasing confidence by reducing unknowns. The Needs Assessment starts as a half-day or full-day session that combines and focuses deep expertise by digging into the details of why a problem exists, and who is experiencing it. Two Ravens then creates a tailored set of recommendations designed to continue eliminating unknowns, verifying assumptions, and creating consensus.

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Ideation Lab

Once a definitive Need has been agreed to it’s time to start assembling ideas. During an Ideation Lab we will encourage your experts to think outside of your organization and reach for the best possible ideas, regardless of whether they seem possible or not.

After assembling ideas from experts, we evaluate, categorize, and combine them into collections that we feel may be our best shot at creating a Solution. Then we work to refine the best of the ideas into a theory that we’d like to see tested.

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With refined Ideas in hand, we can begin the process of Prototyping. Two Ravens will work to create and facilitate the least invasive, quickest prototype that will effectively test the team’s theories. Assumptions will be validated, tests will be run, and lessons will be learned. Then, we’ll do it all again!

We repeat this process until we find out our theory was wrong, or a Prototype is validated as the solution we want to move forward with. The rapid prototyping process can turn months of arduous, isolated work into weeks of working directly with customers and users. Our goal is simple: Give great ideas the best possible chance to grow up to become exceptional experiences.

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