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Innovation can be elusive. We help find it.

For innovation to be meaningful, it has to benefit more than the bottom line. It must improve lives. Two Ravens was created to help organizations better understand the problems and opportunities ahead of them, and the solutions they can bring to the world.

Large organizations want to be more agile, to "think more like a startup." Small organizations want to learn to scale, to "act more like a large company." But all organizations want to innovate in their unique space.

Our team has decades of experience helping organizations, both large and small, realize their potential in innovation and scale. Together we have developed and refined a collaborative, research-based process that provides a proven framework for innovating in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We believe that engaging and combining the largest set of possible expertise leads to the best results. With this in mind, we rooted our process in Design Thinking to encourage collaboration across traditional silos, leading to the innovation organizations need to advance in today’s markets.


We love being exposed to new people and ideas! Ready to talk about creating a new, positive experience together? Ready to talk about something else entirely? Reach out to us below and let's have a coffee or brew!

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