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Innovation can be elusive. We help find it.

All organizations experience daily friction between "Urgent" (what we have to do today) and "Important" (what we should be doing) initiatives. With business on the line, urgent needs often receive priority, relegating the most promising, important initiatives to a life as an idea on a spreadsheet.

The most meaningful innovations, the things an organization is uniquely suited to bring to the world, often remain stalled in the "important" list until their time passes, or external drivers force them onto the "urgent" list, creating difficult organizational disruption in the process.

But what if organizations could quickly increase confidence in these important initiatives, and create momentum around them, without disrupting their business? Two Ravens exists to help organizations do just that.

Our team has decades of experience helping organizations, both large and small, realize their unique potential in innovation and scale. Together we have developed and refined a collaborative, research-based process that provides a proven framework for executing rapid innovation in the most efficient and time-effective manner possible.


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